E-shop and CMS in one application

On your favourite e-shop you don''t usually find only information on goods, but also pages with useful articles and tips helping the customer to find his or her way around the internet. Our application ShopCentrik with incorporated CMS provides any user with the possibility to create web pages and its content, without the necessity to manage anything but a simple text editor.

Using CMS

Incorporated CMS is used in many places within ShopCentrik.  With our CMS you can edit alt text, goods description, articles, and chapter introduction, definitions in a dictionary, or even FAQ and items in the menu.

It is very simple

Using CMS is as simple and intuitive as other parts of administration. You don't need a programmer or webmaster to create and publish group of arbitrarily linked websites.

WYSIWYG editor is fundamental

YSIWYG editor is similar to MS WORD and other text editors. The user can work with text, tables, pictures, links and other components. Advanced users can edit documents directly in HTML code (mark-up language that determines the appearance of web pages), but that requires perfect knowledge and is time demanding. Using WYSIWYG editor is simple and doesn't require any special skills or knowledge.


Ukázka WYSIWYG editoru, který je součástí systému ShopCentrik.
Preview of  WYSIWYG editor which is part of ShopCentrik application.

Ukázka článku vytvořeného v administraci systému ShopCentrik na Excellent-Pipes.com
Preview of a "Bong" article from the explanatory dictionary module on Excellent-Pipes.com. Article was created using ShopCentrik administration.

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E-shop and CMS in one application.
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