E-shop and optimization for search engines (SEO)

You have few options, how to reach high volume of traffic. You can invest regularly into commercials, register your company and e-shop with number of online catalogues(recommended links, key words) or sponsor a position in search engines (banners, txt links, e.g. Google or Add Words). But the fastest growing online marketing tool is SEO - Search Engine Optimization.

How to be seen and pay nothing

SEO module, which is integrated into ShopCentrik, can automatically optimize generated HTML page code, taking into consideration the index principles of search engines. The goal is the best placement of links in search engines results, such as Google. ShopCentrik module contains all necessary arrangements and ensures automatic generating of optimized HTML pages.  The web user then creates new entries, pages, articles or products using administration and the marketing module automatically provides the required optimization.


Google.com - sponsored links in red, free links, which are the aim of SEO , in green.

Google.com - sponsored links in red, free links, which are the aim of SEO, in green.

The goals of SEO

  • Increasing and maintaining the traffic
  • Lowering the operating cost for winning a client
  • High market share
  • Higher turnover and income
  • Building and spreading company and brand awareness
  • On-line back up for public relations

Factors that influence positioning in search engines

Search engines have its own algorithms and the decision about the placement of a link in the search engines depends on it. This placement could be influenced by optimized HTML page code and other relevant factors. If the processes applied to the HTML code in the pages correspond well with the algorithms of search engines, good position is usually ensured.

  • Optimized HTML code
  • Optimized page structure
  • Appearance of relevant words on the pages
  • Relevant words in the correct forms
  • Alt text, descriptions and key words for search engines (e.g. in product detail)
  • Arrangements that lead to a maximum amount of pages being indexed
  • Reaching the highest global and specific page ranks (e.g. Google Rank, Jyxo Rank)
  • Broadening and building of quality links 
  • Goods protection against penalization
  • Regular monitoring and evaluation of  your steps and actions


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E-shop and optimization for search engines (SEO).
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