E-shops with user-friendly and effective administration

All daily routines related to the e-shop operation are done entirely through the administration. The user can create new categories, update product info, process orders, monitor statistics and much more. That’s why we put high priority on its quality and usability.

Simplicity first

We have created an intuitive administration environment, leading the user through without making mistakes. ShopCentrik administration is a strong tool with great potential and user-friendliness. Its fast response creates a pleasant medium for every user.

Ukázka statistik ShopCentriku.
Screen preview of one of the administration versions of ShopCentrik. The rollout menu is in the upper toolbar. The rest of the screen is designated to the working area. Administration is accessible through any common internet browser. 

Administrace obchodního domu vystavěného na systému ShopCentrik.
Preview of an administration designated mainly for online shopping malls.

Web-based technologies

ShopCentrik administration is web-based, which means it is manageable through any web browser or access to the internet.  This feature allows its user to maintain his or her e-shop anywhere in the world, without installing any utility software. There is no problem to check new orders and its processing from an internet cafe, for example on Hawaii.

Team work

Administration environment allows simultaneous work for unlimited number of team members. There is a possibility of individual settings for each team member, which means that each user can only perform relevant operations. You can easily engage an external workers for entering data on new products into the system without the fear of unauthorized persons disclosing information on your clients, your traffic or turnover details.

Possibilities behind the horizon of competitor's systems

ShopCentrik offers vast possibilities to the users, which you can see from the above. Our system brings easy and user-friendly administration with simple tools, enabling settings and special features, which are not possible at all for most competitors’ systems, without expensive programming work and adjustments in the logic of an application. 

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E-shops with user-friendly and effective administration.
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