Easy shopping and well-arranged online stores

Internet shops have their own specificity, although we can still find some similarities with physical stores. This is and understandable fact, but you would be surprised, how many people tend to neglect these rules when building an internet shop. The end-result is influenced by a cascade of small related details. Among the most important aspects are the quality of offered products, well-arranged store, swiftness and simplicity of shopping.

High quality product presentation

Most customers usually choose a store, where they can get useful advice and learn sufficient amount of product related information. This rule is applicable on physical stores as well as on internet stores.  One of the advantages of a physical store could be a skilled shop assistant. There is no shop assistant on the internet store, that's why it is very important to follow the rules of fair play and present maximum information on products, warranty, delivery conditions, sales returns, etc.  ShopCentrik allows full-range product description and presentation. Mainly the definition of product arbitrary parameters, search and classification is well worked out in ShopCentrik solution. This system allows elaborate product description and provides customers with necessary information.

 Preview of a product detail on Nokia.cz
Preview of a product detail. Full-range product description and related information are associated into logical bookmarks. Nokia.cz runs on ShopCentrik platform.

Fast product search and comparing

Our internet shops offer wide range of functionalities for fast product search. The easiest and the most traditional way of finding a product is the category or full text search. The prime among search tools is definitely represented by parametric search. This type of search can answer instructions such as: Find a washing machine with opening on the top, white colour, with depth less than 40 cm, maximum price of 250 EUR and brand AEG or Candy. Shopping customer doesn't need to find his or her way through hundreds or thousands of items.  Thanks to the Product Compare module, the user can choose a number of products for comparing, or even print out a flyer with chosen products and their parameters.

Module preview for product comparison on Mironet.cz
Module preview for product comparison on Mironet.cz. Customer can chose any products he or she wishes to compare and press the button Compare parameters. The result is well-arranged flyer.

Lucidity and ergonomics

Surely you like to do your shopping in a store, where all the goods are logically organized and easy to find. The opposite case is store, where the customer has to struggle to find the right product and in meantime stumbles over forgotten boxes. User can easily create "well organize shelves" (categories) and merge or separate these helves as pleased. ShopCentrik supports N-level category tree structure, which means every category can have its sub-category and that sub-category can have sub-categories on its own, etc. Each product can be included in any number of categories of any level. 

Fast and simple shopping

Once the customer decides to buy a product, it would be an unforgivable mistake to spoil his last steps on e-shop by complicated principles or slow server responses.  Using shopping basket in any ShopCentrik application is very simple and placing products into the basket requires only one mouse click. All our e-shops are built on effective software technologies and quality servers with excellent accessibility. Short page display intervals are ensured. 

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Easy shopping and well-arranged online stores.
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