Heavy duty e-shops managing high volume of items

E-shops provided by NetDirect can handle high volume of simultaneously approaching customers. ShopCentrik has no difficulties working with large product databases with hundreds of thousands items.

Architecture and output

ShopCentrik with its tree-layered architecture and output optimization is adjusted to heavy duty work. E-shops with tens of thousands of items, that you can find in our references section, are no exceptions (Uni-max.com, Tipa-Czech.com, etc.). Online shopping malls can work with even more, hundreds of thousands of items, like Battshop.eu, iParfumerie.de, Eshop.fomei.com and others. Despite the heavy load, e-shops in question can perform quickly and provide fast and easy access to products. 


We use the newest MS technologies (MS SQL 2005, .NET, ASP etc.) and Microsoft programming tools also support the stable performance of server applications, high output and the broad range of utilization. Cooperation with such a strong partner and provider means assurance of continuous development and high quality of technical support to our customers. NetDirect has been Microsoft Gold Certifies Partner since 2002 and we have many Microsoft certified professionals working in our midst.


Any software application has to be monitored regularly and optimized to a higher performance. This is a part of service NetDirect provides to its customers based on agreement liabilities. High quality maintenance ensures smooth running even after many years of changes and adjustments according to new customer requirements - higher volume of goods, broader range of assortments and continues increase of visitors. Compared with other providers of e-business applications, the price of our system is not affected by the increasing traffic or number of items.

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Heavy duty e-shops managing high volume of items.
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