Internet shops and marketing tools

There is wide range of marketing tools in our system. These tools are the prerequisites for systematic turnover increase and acquiring new customers. There are two main goals these tools can assist with. The first is an active promotion - especially SEO marketing, newsletters and mail reports, competitions, etc. The second is monitoring the application and its "life", behaviour, visitors'' profile and evaluating the promotion effectively using smart statistics. Below you can find some of the marketing modules that ShopCentrik offers to its users.

E-shops toolbar

E-shops toolbar is an effective marketing tool that works on the principle of link exchange. The toolbar is implemented into each and every of our customers' e-shop and is a free way to advertise your shop and products. The links on the toolbar are also updated regularly. System ensures, that links to a competitors' site are not displayed. Every customer can manage his or her e-shops toolbar through simple administration, in which the user can exclude links to an unwanted competition and can also see where his or her -shop is displayed. System supports direct advertising (clicks) and dramatically increases the number of links, which is significant for SEO.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Our e-hops are automatically optimized for search engine, such as Google or Seznam (popular search engine in the Czech Republic). Find more about SEO in the article E-shop and optimization for search engines (SEO).

Mass mailing

Module for mass mailing to either registered or unregistered customers or certain groups of customers are also available to our clients. E-mails could be sent to your customers informing them about special promotions, new products, etc.

Exports into a product catalogue

There are numerous product catalogues for searching products on the internet, such as, (Czech Republic) or (Google) etc. These catalogues gather data about internet shops and provide information to the customers, helping them to make their choices and find their way around. ShopCentik exports product data automatically into the search engines of these catalogues so as to provide free form of important advertising. It is a significant marketing tool that has a direct impact on the order volume.

Banner ads and advertising areas

Banner areas for advertising banners could be created by means of intuitive administration. More banners can share one banner area.

Commission system

This is an excellent marketing tool allowing you to build a net of commission partners with commissions for closed deals and links to your e-shop. The height of commissions could be set up in the administration and could be different for each partner. Partner then has to place a link (text, icon, banner, etc.) on his web including his unique identification number and ShopCentrik then automatically identifies visitors and orders coming from each partner. Administration with easy-to-use accounting system is available for partners and also for e-shop owners.

Loyalty system

Supports the clients' loyalty and motivates them to return to their favourite e-shop. The incentive could be points for purchases allowing discounts or further shopping using collected points. This module has many variations and could be adjusted to suit individual client's needs.

Discounts coupons

ShopCentrik supports and allows work with discount coupons. This coupon could have either printed or electronic version. Coupon bears individual number and offers a concrete privilege to his owner, e.g. 5% discount. Coupon can also have expiration date included. After the customer makes an order, he or she can enter the coupon number. Customer than receives agreed discount, sample of products for free, etc. Coupon could be used only once and can't be used for further discounts.   

Guard dog

Customer can use this module to set up initial criteria for chosen products, e.g. ShopCentrik's guard dog can monitor the availability or price of chosen product and when the price drops or is in stock, a notification e-mail is sent to a customer. One click in the e-mail then takes the customer directly to the e-shop and the product details.

Discussion forums

This forum creates an opportunity for visitors to express their opinions on different subjects. Lively and frequently visited forums can provide visitors with many interesting information. Forums could be moderated (entries are displayed after operator’s approval) or free, non-moderated. Discussion forum could also serve as Q & A, where visitors can ask questions.

Write to us

This is a simple way to find out customers' opinions. Customer's reaction is a worthy contribution, brings new ideas and notifies the operator about competitor's prices or mistakes on e-shop.


Feedback is a fundamental for doing successful business on the internet and allows operator to react quickly to customers' needs. What use is a category visited much less than other categories or promotional campaign with unknown effect on turnover? This is where statistics come in place as fast an effective tool for the operator to either continue or change chosen strategy. Statistics are available in administration and are presented in well-arranged graphic form. ShopCentrik statistics could also be interconnected directly with statistics tool of Google Analytics.

Statistiky poskytují vyčerpávající pohled na získaná data, zde část grafů návštěvnosti a zobrazených stránek.
Preview of statistics offering a view on evaluated data, here part of traffic and displayed pages. 

Pohled na koláčové grafy zobrazující vydatnost jednotlivých propagačních zdrojů a statistiky hledaných výrazů.
Preview of pie chart showing the fruitfulness of each advertising source and statistics of searched key words. 

Opinion polls

Opinion polls serve as an important feedback and can bring fundamental marketing information. Operator can create poll for each product category and also pre-plan the poll display.

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Internet shops and marketing tools
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