Internet shops for B2C & B2B segments

Internet shops running on ShopCentrik platform are suitable for B2B (end users) and also for B2C (business partners, dealers, wholesale customers). Resulting e-shop could be tuned for both segments, provides different content, range of services, shopping system or special price settings and can satisfy individual needs of both segments.

Solution for end users (B2C)

B2C (Business-to-Customers) is a type of interment shop intended for end users (individuals, households, small companies etc). The main goal of this type of e-shop is to acquire and keep a customer. The graphic design is suited to a particular group of end users (women, men, cyclists, fishermen, mums, seniors, electro-installation firms etc.), has to represent the products being offered and create pleasant shopping environment, well arranged for easy customers' orientation. Among the most common functionalities are marketing tools, that play an important role in e-shop's turnover increase (special promotions, sales, new products, similar and alternative products, instalment plans, loyalty system, discount coupons, price levels etc.) Business success, considering the amount of competition, is not possible without marketing tools such as electronic newsletters, SEO or statistics.

B2C internet shop -
B2C internet shop -

Solution for dealers – business partners (B2B)

B2B (Business-to-Business) is a term generally used for a shop designated to business partners. Supplier provides goods to his business partners (dealers, wholesalers) under special conditions (individual prices, delivery terms, due date, credits, types of delivery, delivery and invoice addresses etc.). Each B2B customer has usually special sign in and can use their privileges only after proper registration.

Internet shop of B2B type -
Internet shop of B2B type -

The concept of B2B solution is usually different from the B2C concept. The graphic design is more down to earth, the emphasis is on the site performance and fast web pages, without the specific marketing tools for convicting the end user. B2B systems are very similar to any other information systems (ERP, CRM, accountancy, stocks), where customers have at any moment full access to important information, be that information directly from a physical store or information created by means of an electronic shop. 

Hybrid systems (B2B and B2C in one application)

The implementation of both systems is very common nowadays. Such hybrid application is designated for both B2C and B2B customers. The e-shops, if well implemented, can be personified to each group of users. B2B customer can see the simplified list of products while B2C customer get the full view of a more attractive catalogue with pictures.  Also the visual appearance and the structure of graphic elements could change according to the type of approaching client. This type of system shows an individual behaviour to each client and can offer very flexible price arrangements.

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Internet shops for B2C & B2B segments.
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