Internet shops offering extensive goods description

ShopCentrik offers extensive possibilities for goods description and presentation. Especially unique is the fashion in which any chosen parameter of goods is resolved. Customer is provided with vast products'' description and details. This brings many pleasant functions and useful information to the shopper.

Absolute freedom

ShopCentrik allows its user detailed description of each item and provide visitors with all important information. Products could be completed with unlimited number of technical parameters, pictures, additional files, links, alternative or similar products. It is also possible to include a product into several categories at the same time.  

Structured parameters

ShopCentrik administration offers the user to create structured description for every item. When entering products into the system, user can, apart form basic parameters, create new supplementary parameters (size, colour, consumption) and also set the required units.  This technique allows any object from a real world to have parametric description with no limitations on the user whatsoever. Information on supplemented parameters is saved as structured data, which ensures easy search and categorization.

Sorting, searching and comparing products

E-shops provided by NetDirect are managing a wide range of functions, providing fast and effective way of finding desired products. The easiest and most common way of finding a product is category or full text search. The prime among search tools is definitely represented by parametric search. This type of search can answer instructions such as: Find a washing machine with opening on the top, white colour, with depth less than 40 cm, maximum price of 250 EUR and brand AEG or Candy. This method saves an enormous time for the customer, who doesn't need to find his or her way through hundreds or thousands of entries. Thanks to this module for product matching, user can choose a number of products for comparison, or even print out a flyer with chosen products and their parameters.

Ukázka parametrického vyhledávání na Vpravo se dole objevuje dynamicky generovaný formulář v závislosti na tom v jaké kategorii, či podkategorii se nakupující nachází.
Preview of parametric search on On the bottom right you can see dynamic form, generated in accordance with the category or subcategory the customer is visiting.

Ukázka výsledku parametrického porovnání na Nakupující může označit libovolný počet produktů a tyto pak přehledně porovnat.
Preview of the parametric search results on Shopper can mark off any given number of products and compare them easily.

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Internet shops offering extensive goods description.
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