Low operating costs

Operating costs are an important factor that should always be considered apart from one time investment into an e-shop implementation. ShopCentrik excels even in this aspect. Find more information in the following article.

Lower labour costs and limitation of the human factor

Internet shops operating on ShopCentrik platform could be integrated, fully automatically, to a number of information systems. Its up to date list could be find in the article Integrated ERP systems. This mutual integration allows data to be created and kept at one place only - the information system, which is maintained by the operators without the necessity of managing any other applications.

O the other hand, any data created in the e-shop application (such as new clients, orders) are automatically transferred into the economic system. This reduces potential for human error. It is impossible to imagine that hundreds of orders, coming from e-mails or administration, would have to be retyped into the information system every day by hand!

Even less than hundred orders would make this system highly ineffective. It is then quite simple to understand, that shops with several hundreds orders daily just cannot be run without an ERP integration. You can find more information in the article Why integrate your e-shop to ERP system.

Low demands on internet connectivity

The mutual data exchange between an internet shop and economic system is delivered by sophisticated application installed on the customer side. The communication is unique as only new information related to the products and the clients are being transferred from the ERP system into the e-shop. This brings down unnecessary data exchange between the ERP system and the e-shop. In practice, there could be over 20 000 items in stock, and if only 130 items have undergone some sort of change since the last update (e.g. in 20 minutes interval), only the changes are transferred to the e-hop, which assures a minimum stress to the internet connection.

Zero hardware and software investments due to the possibility of hosting services

An advanced hardware and software infrastructure is necessary for running of any internet shop. These are mainly web and database servers, licensed software, network elements, backup utilities and the internet backbone connection (T-1). As a part of our services, NetDirect provides application webhosting on our servers and cuts down the initial investment of our customers to a minimum. He or she only covers monthly hosting fees.  The expenses are clearly stated in the contract and are transparent. Our hosting services are optional and we don't oppose outside hosting on the customer server.

Effective marketing and low advertising costs

ShopCentrik offers numbers of inbuilt marketing tools, that can effectively increase traffic, help gaining new customers in an economic way. More information can be found in the article Internet shops and marketing tools.

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Low operating costs.
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