Multilanguage and multicurrency e-shops

More and more clients are operating on multinational electronic markets. ShopCentrik allows full business development in any chosen country. The key is an ability to work with any number of languages and currencies and also accept and process credit card payments of all currencies.

Category tree for every language or region

Imagine that in your country you are well established company and your plan is to expand to a neighbouring country. In your country you offer 2000 products on your e-shop, but in the neighbouring country you only plan to sell 500 products supported by local distributors and customer service. ShopCentrik system allows you to create two different category trees, one for each market. You can also chose to sell a different brand on the other market as the brand you are originally selling is not established there.  

Different pricing for each region

Do you create prices for B2B customers in each country based on more or less diverse principles? Or you are even using two different ERP systems in each country? This could also be handled by the versatile ShopCentrik system. Our specialist can demonstrate functioning references performing on many regions.

Content according to the region

Do you have branches in Switzerland, Austria, Belarus or even China? You probably don't want to invite Chinese business partners to attend a golf afternoon in Zürich. The invitation could be placed only on websites of particular region intended for relevant customers without bothering your Belarusian partners.

Web structure and different design for each region

ShopCentrik allows building and developing design of each language mutation independently. The aim is to adapt to national customs and specificity of national markets. One example could be application of several collages for different countries.

Linkage between language mutations, regions and currencies

Our system can easily create linkage between a particular language and predefined currency, based on the region. Customer in US can see prices in US dollars while customer in UK in British pounds, although both use the same language, English.

Utilization of payment methods in dependence on the region

ShopCentrik supports unlimited amount of payment methods, such as payment on delivery, bank transfers, Western Union, International Money Order, PayPal and credit cards. Each of these payment methods has different level of popularity in different regions. For example, end users in US almost always prefer PayPal.  It is thus advisable to primarily offer this method to US customers, while customers in the Czech Republic still prefer more traditional payments by credit card or payment on delivery.   

Automatic region detection 

ShopCentrik can detach the region a visiting customer is coming from and automatically offers predefined currency and language suited to the region.

 Ukázka e-shopu se třemi měnami: americké dolary, libry, eura. - customers shopping on this online store can pay in three currencies: American dollar, pound and euro. E-shop accepts payments by credit cards, also in three currencies.

Polish version of operates on the domain One of the advantages of ShopCentrik is the ability to operate multilanguage solution on one domain, or each language mutation on a separate domain.

Ukázka ruské verze e-shop
Russian version of a multilanguage shop English and Czech version is also available. 

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Multilanguage and multicurrency e-shops.
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