Original design of every e-shop running on ShopCentrik platform

Important part of an e-shop imlementation is graphic design. We create graphic originals that are in agrement with customer future plans, can represent the company image and accept the needs of end users. Customer is usually shown drafts, already implying the chosen visual appearance, structure and layout elements.

Professional graphic design - an important groundwork for success

In today's environment of growing competition in e-business on the Czech market, graphic design is one of the most important aspects of success. New visitor subconsciously builds up an impression within the first few seconds. This impression could be pozitive or negative and can either draw the customer into further browsing and possibly shopping, or discourage the customer completaly. Graphic desing has to be consisten with offered comodities, has to represent owner's strong and unique image and addresses the right group of customers, with regards to their interest, sex or assumed age group. Graphic design should be intuitive and successfuly lead the customer to an ctual shopping (ergonomy).

Originality of graphic design and its importance

Customers on the Czech e-business market are very educated, they are familiar with number of quality e-shops and can chose from wide range of competitor's stores. They are also used to a certain navigation schematics and it is advisable not to ignore them or try to change customers' habits. Considering the overflow of information, the originality of your shop appearance play an important role and will set your shop apart from the rest of the competition. Building your e-shop on more or less similar ready-to-use template is not, accoarding to our opinion, the best solution and the right direction for your business development.

Services of NetDirect graphic design department

Our graphic designers, who are NetDirect full-time employees, specialize on webdesign and their ork is always in agreement with the fundamentals of the right ergonomy, used colour spectrum and other aspects. Designers are availble to our clients throughout the hole cooperation period and prepare everything from banners, advertising leaflets to katalogues. 

 Some examples of purpose-built graphic design 

Grafika - VinoMarket.cz

VinoMarket.cz - the aim of this graphic design is to create an atmoshere of an autum vineyard that steer the customer into buying a bottle of wine.   

Grafika - Nikon.cz

shop.Nikon.cz - e-shop reresenting a coporate design. It is well arranged and simple. Big banners are used for everyday advertising of new products. 


Grafika - Nokia.cz

obchod.nokia.cz - internet shop addressing mainly young people and adults. easy to use, simple, pefectly in the spirit of corporate design. 


Grafika - ElektroSvet.cz

ElektroSvet.cz - well-arranged sign post of comodities and two banner areas designated for self promotion. The graphic themes changes according to the occasion, you can see winter and christmas motive on the picture.


Grafika - Astratex.cz

Astratex.cz - soft features in the design are in agreement offered commodities and the targeted customer group (women). The stress is on fast access and lucidity.


Grafika - Rubena.cz

Rubena.cz - e-shop designated mainly for edealers and the design is very purpose-built. Fultext search for faster orientation in thousands of products and signpost dominate the e-shop.  

Grafika - DoplnkyVyzivy.cz

Doplnky-Vyzivy.cz - fresh and well-arranged graphic design. Chosen colour - green - represents well natural products. Also the smiling woman's face creates possitive atmosfere. 


Grafika - Smoke-Nut.com

Smoke-Nut.com - this shop is mainly for young US customers. This target group likes comic book style and informal way of communication. 


Grafika - Mironet.cz

Mironet.cz - e-shop offering wide range of goods. The main categories are presented in the form of well-arranged bookmarks.

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Original design of every e-shop running on ShopCentrik platform.
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