Webhosting - optional part of e-commerce solution

Our main goal is to make e-shop implementation as simple as possible for our customers. We always aim for the least stressful solution which means that the customer can dedicate his time to his main activity without wasting his precious time and energy. This is why we offer webhosting to our customers as an optional part of a turn-key e-business solution.

Zero hardware and software investments due to the possibility of hosting services

An advanced hardware and software infrastructure is necessary for running of any internet shop. These are mainly web and database servers, licenced software, network elements, backup utilities and the internet backbone connection (T-1).

NetDirect provides webhosting on company servers as a part of turn-key solution. This means zero investments into above mentioned utilities for our client. The client expences are only those related to operation and monthly webhosting fees. The expences are clearly stated in the contract and are transparent. Our hosting services are optional and we don't oppose outside hosting on the customer server.

Low labour costs bring further svaings

Webhosting service doesn't represent only a disc space, processor output and FTP access, but number of related services such as administration for security patch instalation, settings of sefaty mechanism against hackers, administration of DND entries, e-mail server operation,  acces to the internet (so called connectivity). This type of operation also escalates labour and other costs related to employement of system administrators.  Webhosting services offered to our clients, effectively save their time and money and lower overall expences related to the operation of the whole application.

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Webhosting - optional part of e-commerce solution.
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