Why integrate ERP system into your e-shop

ShopCentrik is fully integrated with a number of economic systems. Customers can chose integration with any existing system entirelly to their liking.

Different types of integration  

There is no system similar to ShopCentrik to be found on the Czech market in terms of sofistikated communication with a family of information (ERP) systems.  The term "integration" means, in the terminology of our company, a robust, stable and efficient, fully automated communication between e-shop and ERP system, far from primitive, manual data import, or ability to transport only changed items. Be cautious when dealing with e-business providers, especially when it comes to their integration ability and exprience. Do ask for all possible details on the integration princyples, as this will have a sygnificant impact on future expnces related to operation and range of servis you will provide to your customers.

Integration technology

Mutual data exchange is ensured by a fairly complicated application (sygnificant know-how of NetDirect), which is installed on the customer side. Transport of only changed data related to products and clients from ERP into the e-shop, makes this communication unique. This minimizes unnecessary data exchange between the ERP system and client e-shop. This minimalize unnecessary data exchange between the ERP system and the e-shop. In practice, there could be over 20 000 items in stock, and if only 130 items have undergone some sort of change since the last update (e.g. in 20 minutes interval), only the changes are transferred to the e-hop, which assures a minimum stress to the internet connection. Our unique technology is proven by hundreds of our satisfied clients and is fault free. It can easily handle problems with customer internet connection as well as temporary inaccessibility of ERP system.

Used technologies:

• Microsoft .NET
• Microsoft SQL 2000 a SQL 2005
• Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006

Advantages of ERP integration 

Products related data are created and maintained in one place only - in the ERP system of the customer. Emlpoyees work with a familiar system of their own information system and they don't have to learn managing any other software. E-shop is automatically updated after received receiving new data.  Sofisticated system of data exchange transport only changed items, not complete sets. On the other hand there are data generated from e-shop operation. New customers and orders get automatically tranported into the economic system, without no human intervenion. Clients are synchronized and there are identical information in both systems. Mutual integration also provides advantages to the shoppers, considering that the internet shop becomes an extention to the actual ERP system. On-line stock status and order registery and status, also on-line alert of outstanding invoices are among the many provided services.

Main advantages summary:

  • Data are generated at one place, in the ERP system
  • E-shop is automatically updated with data from ERP system
  • Orderd and new clients data are automatically stored in the ERP system
  • Low connectivity demands as only changes are transferred into the e-shop
  • Secured data transfers and cascade of safety measures
  • Ellimination of a human factor and errors caused by this factor
  • Low orating costs

Main disadvantages:

  • Seriousness of an integration involving two systems - however this is the providers responsibility and doesn't mean any stress to our client


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Why integrate ERP system into your e-shop.
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