E-shop with no worries? Try drop shipping!

You do not have warehouse premises and are afraid of logistics? Or, on the contrary, would you like to expand and you dare to supply to other e-shops? This is exactly what drop shipping is about!

What does that mysterious word drop shipping mean?

Dropshipping is a trading model coming from the USA. It makes the logistic steps much easier for small e-shops which do not have enough warehouse premises and for bigger e-shops it is an opportunity to widen its horizons.

Although some people say, that there are more kinds of drop shipping, the gist of this service is that a seller offers the goods of a supplier. The customer, who buys the goods, pays to the supplier. Consequently, the supplier sends the ordered goods to the customer and an e-shop owner gets a provision from the sale. The e-shop owner won’t deal with complaints, warehouse premises and so on.

In some cases, the supplier sends the goods on behalf of the e-shop owner. Of course, this model is much demanding and usually the supplier agrees with it only on condition that the e-shop is well established and has a reputation.

How can drop shipping help you?

The e-shops which have managed the market logistics excellently are, by right of merit, the market leaders. Bigger online shops take the advantage of possible logistic automation, which is hardly possible for the small ones.

For example, be sure that you as a mother on the maternity leave won’t stock the fridges on the discount in your living room and consequently send them to the individual customers. As there are often students or mothers on the maternity leave among the e-shop owners, who haven’t the logistic executive at their disposal, drop shipping remains the only possibility how to be successful in their business.

You can try drop shipping at your e-shop as well

Both e-shops FastCentrik and  ShopCentrik already have great experience with drop shipping. The advantage is that you get the data about the goods directly from the supplier. However it is more suitable to make your original descriptions, which prevents you from duplicity.

Easing your work by reducing the time on dealing with the orders doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work on your e-shop intensively. Just on the contrary! Searching for new customers and optimize your e-shop well is a time-costly task as well. However, this time investment will come back soon!

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Drop shipping
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