Jeko furniture: Our customers fell in love with our e-shop on Facebook

From January, the providers of e-shop by NetDirect can use the connection of e-shop with Facebook. In the following article you can read how the module was helpful in promotion of e-shops.

To bring you more “practical” information about e-shop module on Facebook, we prepared a short interview with Ms. Kateřina Svobodová, a web consultant at, a successful online shop.

Why did you decide export the goods from e-shop on Facebook? What were your reasons?

We did it mainly to distinguish from other company Facebook profiles which belong to our competitors. Another reason was having an immediate presentation of our latest or discounted goods. This form of communication enables to present only those products which we want to present on a Facebook profile (children’s or luxurious furniture and so on).

How do appreciate the contribution of export of goods on Facebook profile so far?

Above all, Facebook profile brought us the feeling of being in and also being ahead of our competitors. Only clients of NetDirect had the module of connection of e-shop with Facebook, which of course is a certain advantage. We realized that e-shop presented on Facebook is taken in by customer much friendlier than other Facebook functions.

E-shop of on Facebook
E-shop of on Facebook

Can you see possible dangers in presenting goods on Facebook?

Well, as we are clients of NetDirect, I don’t think there are any dangers. We can present goods what we like and delete or change it as we need.

Module e-shop on Facebook gives us absolute variability and functionality. Moreover, it is toned according to colors of online shop

Do you think that “trading” on Facebook has good prospects?

Yes, in a certain sense. But it is also a question of a well thought campaign, competitions and so on. You can reward Facebook fans for their loyalty, get more active in discussion about your products, and share their opinions and so on.

The feedback is very important for us as it gives us a lot of useful information about our customers. In return, the Facebook fans could “sometimes” take certain advantages when buying online in our e-shop. The internet users who don’t use company’s Facebook would like to have these advantages as well, so they could be attracted in this way quite quickly and we would have more Facebook friends.

Have you got a feedback from your customers on Facebook? If you have, do you experience affirmative responses?

We have only affirmative responses. It is hard to find anything against the e-shop module. It has a great contribution for us, as it allows us to present the goods to specific groups of customers who we point our online advertisement on. 

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E-shop and Facebook
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