SHANTI: Web and 3 online stores B2B/B2C chime in the Orient style

SHANTI & Co. deals with the import and distribution of oriental products. The SHANTI project itself uniquely links www presentation using MediaCentrik system and 3 specialized B2B/B2C online stores based on the ShopCentrik system and linked to ERP Helios Orange.

SHANTI - original products and gifts from the Orient

SHANTI: SHANTI: The magic of the Orient at your fingertips

Family firm - SHANTI & Co. s.r.o. has been functioning on the market as a wholesaler of diverse products from the Orient for more than 15 years. It imports ethnic decorations and clothes, joss-sticks, bongs, hookahs, tobacco, smoking accessories,  esoteric religious items, furniture, etc. It imports from India, Nepal, Egypt, Peru, Japan but also from Germany and England, offering the beauty of East to the wide public.


SHANTI runs 3 online stores with oriental products:,,
SHANTI runs 3 online stores with oriental products:,, These B2B/B2C e-shops use ShopCentrik system from NetDirect and are linked to the Helios Orange ERP system.

3 online stores SHANTI & Co. use ShopCentrik e-shop system

For more than a month SHANTI has been using our ShopCentrik system for its online business with three specialized e-shops :

  • is a treasury of interesting subjects and remarkable gifts from the Orient 
  • offers famous brand hookahs, scented tobacco, charcoal and other related products
  • sells  a wide variety of different smokers´ products

Experience in e-commerce shows that shoppers perceive specialized e-shops more positively than generalized e-shops. Moreover, SHANTI sells such a varied and wide range of products that it made sense to divide the products to three separate, specialized online stores.

Benefits of interconnection between website and e-shops

The interconnection of the website, which uses the MediaCentrik content management system and three online stores linked to the Helios Orange economic system, is very interesting. This kind of model responds to the clients´ needs. All clients can access the  information, advice and tips which would not normally be available in the e-shop, as well as opportunity to shop conveniently in a sophisticated online store.

SHANTI website and its graphics: Tastefully reflects the oriental style

The entire SHANTI project impresses with its attractive and original graphics. The graphics reflect the oriental character of the products sold in SHANTI e-shops. The appearance of the SHANTI website and eshops  are inspired by Eastern aesthetics and customers can immediately see what type of products can be found here and, at the same time, the modern concept reflects all the up-to-date trends in e-commerce. The creator of this graphic design is Petr Ovcacik.


SHANTI oriental product online stores are B2B and B2C

The targeting  of online stores customers is also noteworthy. SHANTI offers a wholesale B2B e-shops for registered customers, who can also purchase in two physical stores in Prague and Brno. These e-businesses have also made their range of products available to end customers (B2C) through their e-shops.

SHANTI already delivers worldwide and is preparing to create individual language versions of its online stores.

SHANTI: Payment method

SHANTI, and online stores support various payment methods: payment by card or cash, bank transfer and payment gateways such as eKonto and Moneybookers.

Another interesting SHANTI e-shop module is the "Dutch auction". The price of products included in the Dutch auction decrease at regular intervals until the product is sold. A customer can therefore buy a product at a fraction of its original price, if another buyer is not faster.


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SHANTI: SHANTI & Co. imports and sells products from Orient – it has 3 e-shops based on the NetDirect ShopCentrik system.
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