What is ShopCentrik

Do you plan to do business online and leave your competition behind? Do you want to keep up with the ever changing rules of Search Engine Optimization and increase the traffic coming to your website? Would you like to enjoy the convenience of fully automatic e-shop integration with ERP system and avoid unnecessary work and expenses? ShopCentrik can bring you all the advantages of a strong and reliable platform, custom made to your needs and individual requirements.

Brief characteristics

ShopCentrik is an application primarily designed for e-business, developed and provided by NetDirect s.r.o., a company that has been the leader in e-commerce on the Czech market for many years.  ShopCentrik delivers customizable solution for companies of all sizes built on an easy-to-learn module-based platform. We have a unique approach to each of our client, based on the end users and the commodities.

Good communication with our clients is essential for us and provides us with an important feed back. Ongoing process of improvements, using new technologies and incorporating new trends creates an ideal online base for even the most demanding customer and his future needs.


  • E-commerce solution for both B2C & B2B segments
  • Mulptilingual & multicurrency
  • More than 400 implementation referencies
  • More than 90 % of them integrated with ERP, CMR
  • Newest Microsoft Technologies (Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SQL Server 2005)
  • Customers in more than 50 areas of business
  • Low operating costs
  • 24/7 service

ShopCentrik is a modern, constantly developing modular system. We continue to develop, monitor new trends and always try to remain ahead of the competition. Fully automated and mutual integration with ERP systems ensures low operating cost, reduces potential for human error and makes ShopCentrik a wholly user-friendly solution, all the while flexible enough to grow with the needs of your organization. 

We deliver full service to our customer, including analysis, graphic design, implementation, testing, training and 24/7 customer service. This service includes inbuilt advanced marketing tools and effective tools for SEO, provided to our clients even after the handover.  Integration with CMS is an advantage that allows the customer comfortable publication and even merge his e-shop with web presentation.

Application of such a great performance can easily handle high volume of simultaneously shopping customers and unlimited number of items being offered. ShopCentrik supports any type of payment methods, including an electronic payment and payments using prepaid accounts like PayPal or PaySec.

Sophisticated and well developed administration allows the user to easily manage the content and the principle of easy shopping provides an ideal shopping experience for every customer. Different languages and currencies could be easily incorporated into the application, which makes it an ideal tool for any fast growing company on an international level. 
Our clients come from all areas of business and industry. They want to utilize every possible advantage presented by the internet and use it for their business and marketing purposes.

Smaller clients

Every client is important to us, size regardless, and we always aim for an optimal and most effective solution with alternatives for small customers.

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What is ShopCentrik
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